The most dangerous cities on Earth revealed

A tourist hotspot that sits literally on the border between Mexico and the United States has been named as the most violent city in the world.
Tijuana had 2640 murders last year, the most per capita of anywhere in the world, according to Mexican organisation the Citizens' Council for Public Security.
Every year the council releases a list of the top 50 most violent cities.
And the overwhelming number are in Latin America, with just three outside the Western Hemisphere.
1. Tijuana
Tijuana is in the middle of a violent gang war, with an estimated 90 per cent of murders linked to drug sales.
But on the other side of a fence is San Diego, which statistics show is the safest big city in the United States.
The two cities are intrinsically connected, even making a joint Olympic bid for 2024.
But a person is 70 times more likely to be murdered in Tijuana than San Diego.
Tijuana was fifth on the 2018 list, but the city had 600 more murders in the past 12 months.
By contrast, there were 414 homicide victims in all of Australia in 2017.
2. Acapulco
Acapulco is famous for its beautiful beaches, but murder has become so common there that even tourists are blasé about it.
In October photos emerged of visitors casually eating at a beachside restaurant as police examined a murder victim's body just metres away.
Acapulco had 110 murders for every 100,000 residents, fuelled by turf wars between rival gangs.
The situation is so bad the Federales disarmed and disbanded the local police force and took over.
3. Caracas, Venezuela
High crime rates in Venezuela is nothing new. The economic crisis has rendered the local currency worthless, and food has become a scarcity.
As a consequence, the average Venezuelan lost 11kg in 2017.
As Time
reports, desperate Venezuelans have turned to crime, not by robbing ATMs or stealing cars for the worthless cash.
Instead they are robbing restaurants for food.
4. Victoria, Mexico
Tourists are advised to not even travel through the border state of Tamaulipas, which includes the city of Victoria.
Gangs there are known to target tourist buses to take hostages.
5. Juarez, Mexico
The other big city sitting on the US border, Juarez is almost synonymous with gang violence.
Murders in Juarez plummeted in 2017, but it has jumped 15 places on the list this year to record 1251 homicides.
Mass shootings are commonplace in the city. On one Saturday in June, six people were killed watching a soccer game on TV and five people in a barbershop.
US President Donald Trump has used the gap in violent crime between Juarez and its neighbour El Paso, Texas, as evidence that a border wall works.
But critics noted that crime in El Paso actually rose after its border wall was installed.
6. Irapuato, Mexico
7. Guayana, Venezuela
8. Natal, Brazil
9. Fortaleza, Brazil
When Brazilian authorities separated the three major gangs in their prisons, they unwittingly sparked a powder keg that spread far and wide.
The three gangs made a truce in their rivalries to take on the government in Fortaleza, making more than 160 attacks.
That includes police stations, government buildings and banks being petrol-bombed, buses and mail trucks set alight and bridges and highway overpasses blown-up.
New president Jair Bolsonaro has proposed looser gun regulations and rewarding police for extrajudicial killings.
His policy proposals have not eased tensions.
10. Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
11. Cape Town, South Africa
The first city not in the Americas to make the list, the murder rate in South Africa's legislative capital has jumped 60 per cent in one year.
The violence lies not in the picturesque beachside suburbs but in the vast swathes of townships – slums that remain as a brutal vestige of Apartheid.
12. Belem, Brazil
13. Cancun, Mexico
Forget how it appears in the movies. The real Cancun is beset with violent crime.
The spring break destination saw 547 homicides last year, mostly as a result of gang violence.
Mexico has brought in the military to bolster the outgunned local police.
14. Feira de Santana, Brazil
15. St Louis, USA
The population has been in dramatic decline for decades, but the murder rate isn't going down in St Louis.
The first US city on this list, St Louis's population peaked at 820,000 in 1930, and is barely 300,000 now.
But the city has 10 times the homicide rate of the US as a whole, and the public's tense relationship with police has not helped.
16. Culiacan, Mexico
17. Barquisimeto, Venezuela
18. Uruapan, Mexico
19. Kingston, Jamaica
20. Obregon, Mexico
21. Maceio, Brazil
22. Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil
23. Baltimore, USA
24. San Salvador, El Salvador
25. Aracaju, Brazil
26. Coatzacoalcos, Mexico
27. Palmira, Colombia
28. Maturin, Venezuela
29. Salvador, Brazil
30. Macapa, Brazil
31. Cali, Colombia
32. Celaya, Mexico
33. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
34. Ensenada, Mexico
35. Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil
36. Tepic, Mexico
37. Manaus, Brazil
38. Guatemala, Guatemala
39. Recife, Brazil
40. Distrito Central, Honduras
41. San Juan, Puerto Rico
42. Valencia, Venezuela
43. Reynosa, Mexico
44. Joao Pessoa, Brazil
45. Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa
46. Detroit, USA
47. Durban, South Africa
48. Teresina, Brazil
49. Chihuahua, Mexico
50. New Orleans, USA
One city would be celebrating not being on this list. Last year the stunning tourist city of Los Cabos was at the very top of the list.
This year, it's dropped out of the top 50.
The arrest of notorious drug kingpin El Chapo created a vacuum in the city that led to a full-blown gang war.
But a five-point security plan appears to have worked, leading to a sharp decline in reported crime.

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