Tom Schwarz likens himself to Tyson Fury ahead of heavyweight showdown

'There will be two crazy heavyweights in the ring at the MGM Grand Garden on Saturday night', says Tom Schwarz. 'Me and Tyson Fury
The little-known German opponent for the Gypsy King's second coming to America adds: 'We're one and the same, the way we act and behave.'
Should be an interesting night for the referee. Although, as far as Schwarz is concerned, the third man in the ring will be a German ancestor who achieved something perhaps even more astonishing in heavyweight boxing than he hopes to pull off here.
Max Schmelling went to New York a huge underdog and knocked out the immortal Joe Louis, so he too is on Schwarz's mind.
Fury, of course, is to the forefront of his thinking and the young man from Halle is fascinated by the comparison he sees.
'Tyson is like me as a person,' he says. 'I've also done some crazy things in my time. Conducted myself like him.
'When I was younger I used to dress crazy and behave oddly. The German media were onto me. I don't really want to go into the details. It's in the past. But I understand him.'
Fury, the quintessential maverick, is warning himself to take nothing for granted against a strong, determined, slightly younger man but he lets the guard slip a little when he says: 'If I lose to Schwarz I will have to retire.'
Schwarz responds: 'Well, if I win I might as well be the one to retire. I will have beaten the best heavyweight in the world so what more targets would be there for me?
'I will be the first one who beat Fury. I will have become the lineal world heavyweight champion. That's been my dream since I first went to a boxing gym when I was nine or 10. I will have done it.
'From day one I knew I was born to box. To do this.'
So why, dare we ask, does he suppose promoter Bob Arum choose him to play this part in the selling of Fury to America before he meets Deontay Wilder over here in a mega-rematch of that epic draw with the WBC world champion? Because they are nervous he might upset another apple-cart as big as the one over-turned by Andy Ruiz Jr 10 days ago when he knocked out Anthony Joshua?
Schwarz, a German with a sense of humour, chuckles before saying: 'My unbeaten record comes from my big heart, my good skills, my big balls. All that was evident as soon as I turned professional at 17. I have watched all Fury's fights several times. I know him like I know myself. Me and my team have a plan.
'It is like Ruiz with Joshua. That's a big inspiration for me. Ruiz proved that if you have the skills and are fit, focused and prepared you can shock the world champion.'
And so to Schmelling, who 'saw something' on those flickering films he might exploit in the punching technique of Joe Louis, went to America and knocked out the immortal Brown Bomber.
Schwarz says: 'Eighty-three years on from that night, it is time for a German to shock the world again'.
As for being hand-picked to boost Fury's exposure to the US market, he lets promoter Bob Arum answer: 'We picked him because he's 6ft 5in and if Tyson keeps winning he will be fighting Wilder again. So no small guys. He's ranked by all the organisations – at No 2 by the WBO. He's popular in Germany and as we all saw in New York with Joshua the other day, in heavyweight boxing anything can happen.'
Fury vs Schwarz for the lineal world heavyweight championship will be televised live late Saturday night on BT Sport Box Office. Info at

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