Tourist killed riding popular zipline attraction in Thailand

A Canadian tourist has died after falling from a popular zipline tourist attraction in Thailand.
Spencer Charles was visiting the Flight of the Gibbon attraction in Chiang Mai with his partner and a group of friends on Saturday when the tragedy occurred.
Local authorities said the 25-year-old was clipped to a zipline more than 100 metres above the ground when the cable supporting him snapped and he fell to his death.
The popular attraction is visited by many tourists including Australians every year.
It has now been shut down while local police investigate the incident.
Authorities are looking at several issues including whether the equipment was faulty, whether the 125 kilogram weight limit was exceeded, if there was an issue with the safety clips or if the company were negligent in any way.
The Flight of the Gibbon zipline course is about five kilometres long and has 33 platforms throughout the jungle canopy.
In 2016 the same venue closed temporarily when three Israeli students collided with each other while traveling on the zipline. They were hospitalised as a result.
In 2015 two women, a Chinese and an American tourist, collided with each other while traveling on the zipline.

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