UK news: Man accused of crossbow killing of pregnant ex-wife wanted to scare new husband, court hears

A man killed his pregnant ex-wife with a crossbow by accident after going to the house to confront her new husband, a court has heard.
Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo, 51, shot Sana Muhammad, 35, at her home in Ilford, east London, in November.
She died after being shot through the stomach with a crossbow bolt  - but her unborn son survived after being delivered by emergency caesarean.
Mr Unmathallegadoo denies murder, as well as attempted destruction of the unborn child, the BBC reports
He told a jury he just wanted to confront her new husband over the treatment of the pair's daughter, who was 12.
But a restraining order was in place, so he couldn't contact her.
He told the court at London's Old Bailey, she was forced to 'pray in the Islamic faith'.
He allegedly hid in the couple's garden shed overnight before heading to the home armed with two crossbows and bolts, a knife, hammer, cable ties, and duct tape.
Mr Muhammed previously told the court: 'When she got an arrow she just screamed. I was thinking, 'what is happening?', I was screaming for her.
'Then from there, because he had a second crossbow on his shoulder, I was thinking he's used one and now the second one might be for me.'
He said the crossbow's safety catch had been off, and he planned to shoot the bannister rail of the stairs at the home to scare the pair.
He said when he accidentally fired the crossbow, the pair had run upstairs.

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