Zidane's is causing havoc and demanding Real sign Paul Pogba

Zinedine Zidane
will have smiled on Thursday when he heard the 50,000 inside the Santiago Bernabeu chant for the club to sign Kylian Mbappe
– in the developing power struggle with club president Florentino Perez, the pressure being cranked up on the president can only be a good thing. 
Zidane knows he will not get Mbappe but he has not given up on Paul Pogba
and there is a sense that promises were made when he took over towards the end of last season.
It was not easy persuading Zidane to return. He had left the previous summer, upset with the club's plans for the new season.
He knew Cristiano Ronaldo was about to be sold. He knew he might not be replaced with the club keen to push teenager Vinicius instead of making a huge signing. 
He knew the biggest new signing the club would make would be Thibaut Courtois – someone to play in a position that he felt was already well covered by Keylor Navas and by his son Luca Zidane. 
After delivering three straight European Cups he felt that he should be the man entrusted with building a new Madrid. 
In order for him to take the job – for a second time – less than a year after walking away the club had to promise him just that: a team in his image, a team hand-picked by Zidane.
The club accepted at least trying to give him what he wanted but it was always clear there were key differences of opinion regarding key players.
Zidane rated Navas over Courtois. The club felt the opposite way. Zidane did not want Gareth Bale in the squad; the club, while disappointed with his performances last season and happy to take a big money offert if one arrives, don't see the need to send him packing at all costs.
Zidane wants Sergio Ramos looked after, even if that means a new contract. The club don't see the sense in extending the 33-year-old's deal. 
The club still believe Vinicius needs to become a flagship player sooner rather than later; Zidane thinks a loan away from Madrid for a season wouldn't hurt him.
And most importantly: the club believe Chrisitan Eriksen would make sense as a signing, providing Daniel Levy can be persuaded to come down from his 100m euros asking price. Zidane wants Pogba.
Zidane knows Pogba wants to come. And he knows there are forces at Manchester United who would not object to his sale at the right price.
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has never been a Pogba fan. In part because of previous differences with his agent Mino Raiola. And in part because he doesn't believe he's worth the money that has been paid for him in the past and is being asked for him now.
Rodrygo (Santos, £40m)
Eder Militao (Porto, £43m)
Luka Jovic (Frankfurt, £62m)
Eden Hazard (Chelsea, £150m)
Ferland Mendy (Lyon, £49m)
If Zidane starts the season with Pogba then he will have been given exactly what he promised back in March when he was persuaded to take over. But if he doesn't then the campaign will start under a cloud.
Sources close to Madrid say the Zidane that has returned is not the same as the Zidane that left. There's a 'no-more-mr- nice-guy' feel to the French coach now.
He has already got rid of Antonio Pintus, his once trusted fitness coach. It has been suggested that he did not like the way he stayed at the club instead of leaving when Zidane left last summer. 
Players have also reported a more distant colder manager than the one who left.
This is etiher the new tougher than ever Zidane, ready to show the world that he was not just the guy lucky enough to coach Real Madrid while Cristiano Ronaldo was on his Champions League winning spree. 
Or it's the reluctant returner, anxious to be given the tools to succeed a second time around when everyone accepts it will be more difficult.
Madrid's spending will stop now for a while as they concentrate on reducing their bloated 37-player squad. 
But the Pogba saga is far from finished and Zidane's second spell in charge will be marked by the way it concludes.

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